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I am grateful to have worked with, and learned from, people who have trusted in me and shared so much of themselves. These connections are what inspire me and drive my passion.  Thank you! 

“I use the Levels of Engagement principles EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in both my professional and personal life. I find myself looking at my reactions and gauging what level I’m operating on. I can then determine if that level is an appropriate one for the given situation and use the tools I learned to move through the levels (if that’s what is best for the situation). On the flip side, I also look at how others are reacting and can use the same tools to aid them in transitioning to a higher level, if that’s what is best for the situation. It’s incredibly useful in a team environment.”

“Mike is an excellent coach. He makes it very clear that this program is not meant to change who you are, but to give you the tools to modify your reactions.  He is very approachable and open. Talking with Mike feels like you’re talking with a friend. There’s no judgement or criticism – only coaching.”

“I highly recommend participating in the  Levels of Engagement program. It is different than all of the other leadership classes you’ve participated in and it will change how you lead.”

Jenny Wojteczko, Boehringer Ingelheim R&D, Duluth, GA, USA.



“I learned a set of entirely new skills to help me navigate situations that can trigger stress in me – skills that no other leadership course or coach have ever provided.”

“Mike has remarkable instincts, knowledge and experience that allows him to create an open and safe environment for exploration and discussion.” 

“Working with Mike as my leadership coach is an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. Our work together continues to enable me to be more effective in my business and personal relationships by helping me influence and lead change.” 

Leah Stephenson, Think Partners,  Guelph, Ontario, Canada



“I have participated in a number of leadership programs, and while they all have something to offer, I found Mike’s program and approach to leadership to be unique. One of the shortcomings that I see with a lot of leadership programs is a focus on fixing or improving personality traits in the participant, which can often be frustrating and demotivating. In contrast, Mike’s approach focuses on giving you tools to elevate your energy and motivation and, in turn, that of others around you. It’s exciting when I use this knowledge to take a negative situation or interaction and shift it to a positive one.” 

Diane Larsen, Boehringer Ingelheim R&D, Duluth, GA, USA.



“Two words keep coming to mind when I reflect on my coaching with  Mike …..insightful and challenging!  Mike challenged my assumptions and challenged me to create more supportive self talk and thoughts. Mike celebrated with me when I experienced a break-through and achievements, which encouraged me to keep on challenging myself…all of which has totally enhanced my life’s journey. Mike has incredible intuition, integrity and respect – trust comes naturally and the change you desire follows quickly!

Karen Perry, Clemmons, NC, USA



“Mike holds his coaching clients’ vision with a caring, honest approach. Mike is insightful and zeros in on the personal development questions that need to be asked. Mike’s coaching process will bring his clients clarity regarding what they want in life and how they plan to get it!” Caroline Wyrosdick-Webb,  Asheville, NC, USA