Discover The Difference

Here’s what sets coaching apart:

It’s the belief that what seems to be missing and what will make you feel more prosperous is already within you. You don’t need to be a certain way or like anybody else. Who you are doesn’t need changing, and uncovering the great parts of who you are is what coaching is about.

How you are is in your control, based on how you see yourself and the world around you. Is it from the “me” perspective of a self-protective stress response or from a “we” perspective of opportunity and innovation? With coaching, you will experience the power of seeing situations from new perspectives, opening up a world of possibilities in a way that’s sustainable. That’s the  difference.


HOW WE ARE shows up as our Engagement Patterns.

Our Engagement Patterns Can Limit Us

Throughout the day, our energy is moving along the spectrum of stress to success mindsets, which are differentiated by the core thoughts of “What’s Wrong” vs “What’s Possible”. We engage at different levels along this spectrum, based on our perception of a situation. Over time, we all develop engagement patterns, familiar and habitual ways in which we respond to situations. It is these engagement patterns that can be limiting, and in which we can feel stuck. Fortunately, our level of engagement is not fixed or permanent, but is highly dynamic. We can create new patterns of engagement and with that entirely different outcomes.


An Actionable Framework to Create More Possibilities

Using the Levels of Engagement framework, which is based on the principles of Energy Leadership™, you will explore how you respond to situations from a range of perspectives along the spectrum of stress response to success response. Working with Mike, you will create new engagement patterns that put you in greater control of your life.

™Energy Leadership is a trademark of Perfect Creation, Inc.



By understanding the characteristic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of the different levels of engagement, and being aware of where we and others are along the stress-to-success spectrum, we can:



  • Create clarity out of confusion
  • Take things less personally
  • Choose the response that best fits the situation
  • Accomplish more with less effort
  • Create better outcomes