Individual Coaching Programs

Coaching is about working with you to move forward in the direction that you choose. So why do we need a coach? At times in our lives, we reach a point when something seems to be missing or holding us back from getting the results we want. Even if we are accomplished, what has gotten us to this point doesn’t seem to be able to take us further. Or, perhaps we desire to change direction altogether. The programs below are all tailored to meet your individual needs, and if you want something else, Mike can work with you to create it!

Create a Success Mindset That Lasts

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  Coaching offers several coaching programs to meet your needs, so you can create a success mindset that is sustainable and upon which you can grow.

Your Levels of Engagement

Learn how identifying your engagement patterns along the stress to success spectrum can empower you to purposefully create better outcomes for yourself and others.

Levels of Engagement PLUS!

Levels of Engagement review PLUS follow up sessions to fine-tune your progress in implementing your key insights.

Your Levels of Beliefs

Uncover the beliefs that are driving your levels of engagement and become proficient in creating more satisfying outcomes .

Design Your Future

Using elements of design and innovation processes, you’ll identify what you really want, what’s keeping that from happening, and start to create your ideal situation.