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Topics that matter today, ranging from personal and professional development to key insights for innovators.


Mike is an experienced speaker on a variety of topics that are impactful for individuals, teams, and organizations. Mike speaks on inter-related topics pertaining to personal and professional development, innovation, and leadership dynamics. The goal is for each person to be able to take away something of value on what matters to them.

 Current Topics of Interest

  • Innovation: What’s so hard about it?
  • Innovation: The secret sauce.
  • How to innovate in your small business.
  • Be the leader like you.
  • Choosing a success response or a stress response, on purpose.
  • Understanding and applying the magic of empathy.
  • Managing, mentoring, or coaching: What are the differences and how to apply each.
  • What’s the problem? Identifying what you really want and what’s keeping it from happening.
  • Compliance – Forget about it! There’s something much better.
  • Get your life back now!