Leadership Team Coaching

Individuals on leadership teams bear many responsibilities, including the success of the organization, the deliverables from their functional areas or departments, and their individual goals. They also have the added pressure of feeling the need to meet the expectations of many others. In such situations, people inevitably behave according to their default engagement patterns, which are often dominated by a self-protective stress response. No wonder!

That’s why so many leadership books and programs emphasize characteristics and behaviors associated with the success response, such as trust, empowerment, and collaboration. The key is that people in leadership positions will benefit most from becoming proficient in ALL of the Levels of Engagement. There is stress in their roles, they do need to confront or defend, and they are responsible for achieving results. These are all associated with the stress response. Recognizing the many options for these stressful situations, as well as accessing the attributes of their success response, will allow people to be more effective and fulfilled leaders.


Create a Culture of Success


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  Coaching offers programs for leaders and leadership team members, so they can become proficient in all of the Levels of Engagement that span the spectrum of stress to success responses.

Leader Curriculum

Navigating the spectrum of stress to success responses with great proficiency is crucial for members of leadership teams. It starts with each individual leader, to understand what triggers their stress response and also to uncover their great qualities.

LeadershipTeam  Curriculum

Includes Leader Curriculum and observation of team meetings to help team members navigate their levels of engagement effectively in “real time” situations. Working together to create more possibilities, even in challenging circumstances, will lead to greater personal and organizational prosperity. 

Manager Curriculum

Managing, mentoring, and coaching are different skills that are best applied according to the situation. Individuals at all levels of organizations can have people who not only report to them, but look to them to influence their success. Includes Levels of Engagement PLUS and using real situations to develop proficiency along the managing-mentoring-coaching spectrum.